Parent, Child & Linktoform()

Hi, I have a view which has an action button with LINKTOFORM(“ResourceReq”,JobID,[JobID]) expression.
The linked form looks like this:

The Project Name field gets populated by way of a lookup expression using the JobID (which is getting filled by the linktoform expression).
The table for this form has 2 child tables and hence 2 virtual columns. Which VC will appear is dependent on the choice made in the Type field.
Once the child table row is populated and Save is clicked, the connected table has the JobID and Job_Name cells blank. I don’t know how/why.
Please help.

If you check the spreadsheet while saving the form, is it first saving the JobID and then it deletes that value after few seconds?

Nope. Or the spreadsheet is doing it so fast that I can’t see it! :smile:

@Mayank_G Have you solved this? If not, please let me know the account ID number, app and table name, steps from where I can reproduce and test this functionality.

Hi Aleksi,
Thanks for getting back.
No, I have not been able to solve this yet.
While I have searched, but I haven’t been able to find the account ID number for my account. Please help me locate it so we can get to the next step.

Hi Aleksi,
Can you please help me find the account ID?
Thanks in advance.

Go to this URL first >


Thanks Levent, found it.

Hi Aleksi, please find below the info you needed:
Account ID: 640857
App: Rector Ops
Table: ResoReqs
Child Table: RM_Det & Con_Det

  1. Go to the tab named ‘Jobs’
  2. Select any row from the table view.
  3. Click the action button on the Job_Summary_Detail view
  4. In the form that opens, you will notice the ‘Project Name’ field is already populated due to linktoform expression. Click the ‘Consumables’ button.
  5. Click ‘New’ in the Add Required Consumables field.
  6. Select any consumable name, fill out any quantity then save
  7. Then click Save in the parent form.

Now in the parent data table ResoReqs the column Job_Name will be blank but the other columns will have the info that you’d have entered. Whereas the child table’s column Job_Name which has a reverse reference to the Job_Name column of the parent table will have the project name recorded.

Problem: The parent table’s column Job_Name displayed as ‘Project Name’ doesn’t retain the value brought to it from linktoform expression.

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Was there a solution to this?
I would also like to get a value copied to the form when using LINKTOFORM

Sorry, just saw your post. Have you solved the issue already or do you need help with this one?

Dont be sorry :wink:
No i havnt solved it yet, i just put in a test asking people to remember to fill it the information then self for now :rofl: :joy:

Hi Aleksi,
No, I have not been able to solve this yet.
It will be really great if you can look into this.

So you have a Parent/Child relationship between this form shown and the Child table “Consumables” (guessing at the name). So I have that correct?

When you enter a Child and Save, nothing is actually saved to the tables yet. You MUST click Save on this parent Form and then Both the Parent info and Child info are saved together - Parent is saved first.

At what point in this process are you seeing that the JobID and Job_Name cells are blank? And by cells I assume you mean that you are checking in the sheet/database?