Parent, Child Relationship in Dashboard View

I have a Child Table in a Detail view. I have a Table view of the parent table. Both of these views are in a Dashboard view. Up until this morning, if I edited the child table and pressed an update action button, it would automatically populate the change in the Table View of the parent table. Today, you have to manually sync the app in order for the changes to appear. Also just to update. This is only happening on the desktop view. The mobile view works perfectly. Please help. Thanks

Your video is completely blurred out.

You say something changed today from how it was working previously, through no change of your own? Are you sure?

Typically, virtual columns in a parent table that aggregate data from their children will require a sync in order to update, after the child has been updated. But I’m not sure if this is your situation since I can’t see anything in your video.

What does this Action button do?
What expressions are involved?

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Here is a video of how it used to work, for whatever reason it still works on cell phones

Its still a little blurry, don’t know why my screencastify is glitching. but this shows you how the same thing is not working on the desktop

Do these questions matter if its working on my cell phone but not on my desktop?
I have tested it on other computers, so its not a local problem on my computer. I also have the exact same app, using different data for different companies and all are experiences the same issue.

More testing… it is updating, but its super delayed. So on the cell phone, it happens instantly, but on the desktop its taking 15 seconds…

Here is the expression. Which i understand is complicated, but again, never had this problem before today.

SELECT(crew_dispatch[crew_ini], AND([job_uid] = [_THISROW].[unique_id], [Chief]=“Crew Chief”, [disrupt] <> 2)),

SELECT(crew_dispatch[crew_ini], AND([job_uid] = [_THISROW].[unique_id], [Chief]<>“Crew Chief”, [disrupt] <> 2))

now not working on cell phone either?

Where is this expression used?
This [Crew] column in your parent table, is it Real or Virtual? Does it have an expression?
What does the “cloud” button do?

This Expression is in a Virtual Column called DE Header. The action is shown below. Basically the action updates the [crew_initials] column with the value of DE Header. I just tested again, and it works fine on the cell phone app.

Hmm. I assume the “cloud” button is of type “execute an action…” that points to the action you just showed?

Since the [DE Header] is a virtual column aggregating info from records in other tables, this applies:

I suggest removing that virtual column, and just put the expression in the action.

I did that. Makes sense. But it is still delayed on the desktop, not delayed on the cell phone

You’re probably still using a cached old version on the desktop. Make sure you do a ctrl-f5 followed by a manual sync.

That didnt work. Its so strange, when I am in the editor in the cell phone view it works as it always has. But in the tablet and browser view it is delayed.

it has something do to with my computer/browser. As I mentioned other people are having the same issue on different computers. But I just tried a separate computer and it worked. Any insight?

Please double check the version number in your desktop app from Hamburger Menu-> About, and make sure that it matches the latest version from your editor.

it matches

This must be related issue with these two

Update issue for table type views from today

Quick Edit UX oddity on Yes/No [UPDATED: BIGGER ISSUE]

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The computer that its working on is running an older version of the app. Same with the cell phone. Older versions of the app. And I have three system updates…