Parent/Child rlationship ( Form in form)

Hello, I’d appreciate some help here. How come in one child table I can add a NEW record. Whereas in another (that opens an XY View), I can only VIEW and can’t Add!
Thank you for any solution or clue!

Please post screenshots of the parent form and each child form.

Hi, thanks for your response! I did try to to post the screenshots, but only the file location was attached. Anyway, I send image here of the Children. The Parent is a simple Form.

I hope you can open this attachment…
Thanks again!

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Do the tables/slices these lists refer to allow adds?

While using the same table for the Child in this example, the NEW button does appear! So, there must be some conflict ( in Ref?) that’s causing the missing NEW option in my earlier example. Only 1 IsPartOf Ref is applied to both examples.

This is from the slice used…

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Hi, related to my problem with the Child list, assuming each entry above is an XY location point in (with an accompanying photo), how can I consolidate all these locations such that they appear in one single Map containing all the map pins?

I can do a consolidated Map, but only if done outside the current Form View, by creating an Action to show another Form within the app.

Thanks again!

Please post screenshots of the complete App formula expressions for the two columns corresponding to the lists in the form.

The image Related Rental Details allows for Add, while Related Schade, allows only Views…

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Oops, sorry this is for Related Rental Details, which allows Add

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The table or slice must allow adds, too.

Using the Parent/Child sample app, I copied and pasted both actual data from Parent “Huur” and Child "Schade, and it allows Add! But using the present Huur Form View and Schade Related REF List inside Huur, it doesn’t work :frowning:

I’ve allowed Adds to all possibly pertinent Tables/Slices.

Probably easiest if someone looks at your app directly. Please engage for further help.

Hi Steve, since I already have another Form View using existing data allows the Add, I’ll just have to transpose everything to it.

About my question re. generating another Form View (XY Map) composed of a list of XY pin locations, would you have any idea how to embed this within an existing Form?

Anyway, thanks a lot for your help and time…