Parent View does not show all child table rows

Hi Everyone, I’m new tp Appsheet and trying to build my first app. I have a parent table (Vessels) and a child table (Equipment) . The child table has a ref column (Vessel) to the parent table key (Vessel), the parent table has a virtual column virtual column named Related Equipments, Type = List, Formula = REF_ROWS(“Equipment”, “Vessel”)

The child table (Equipment) in the Google Sheets has 5 rows associated to the parent table. In the parent view, at the end, The parent view only list the first child row out of the 5 rows that are in the table, row 2 to 5 are not listed. If I double checked the Google Sheet file and it has the 5 rows are in the file.

The questions is why is the parent view is not listing all the 5 rows associated with the parent table?

I tried adding a child in the parent view and when I enter the same equipment ID (Key) as one of the exiting rows and hit save, I get an message that the equipment already exist and does add the child to the file.

What am I doing wrong?

I appreciate your response.


It sounds that you some issues with key column values. Any chance that you have duplicate key values in your child table?


No, these are the key values = A1, A2, A3, A4, and A5

The child table has the following values, Item ID = Key, Vessel = ref column to the parent table, the Key of parent table is the Vessel ID. The Vessel ID is in each of the rows on the child under the Vessel column.

There is a single row in parent table with the Vessel ID column (key) = LHB60004108, each row of the child table has the LHB600041081 value in the Vessel column of the child table.

I created a list view for the child table and when I go to that view I get all the rows. However, for some reason the first row shows the value Bella in the Vessel column of the child table and the rest of the rows show the LHB600041081 value, which is the value of the Key for the vessel named Bella.

Why is this happening? this maybe the reason for only showing the first row.

Please post a screenshot of the worksheet for the child table.

How do I post the screenshot image?

My bad, I didn’t realized that there was an error in the data in the child table, I fixed and it is working now. A newbie mistake.

Steve, thank you so much for your help.

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'Twas all @Aleksi! :slight_smile:

Sorry Aleksi, I forgot to thank you as well.

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