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Hi AppSheet Community,

This is what my backend looks like when a user selects a route. I would like to split the client name column by comma to create new rows. Does anyone know how to do this? I tried using the split() function but it works with columns and it doesn’t work on importrange().


I would like to insert a line break in the item separator here:

You can do that with a combination of SPLIT() and INDEX(). For example like INDEX(SPLIT([Client Name]," , "),1) and the result would be “4 Corners Animal Hospital”


Thanks @Aleksi

Here is what happens when I attempt that:

Here is what I input into the separator field:

I also tried putting it into suggested values:

The code worked on Google sheets, but it only displays 1 of the many client names. I want a new row for every client name. Thanks again.

Ah! I omitted the ,1 at the end of the formula and got what I wanted. Thanks.

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You’re welcome