Parsing error Appsheet app + support form bug

Hi i have a issue to load my app got this error:

this is logs from console:

app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1 Uncaught Error: Error initializing AppModel: __:parsererror
    at i (app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1)
    at app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1
    at app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1
    at app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1
    at Object.error (app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1)
    at s (app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1)
    at Object.fireWith [as rejectWith] (app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1)
    at k (app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1)
    at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1)
app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'RootPage' of undefined
    at Object.onBackButtonTap (app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1)
    at n.value (app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1)
    at Object.m (app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1)
    at w (app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1)
    at app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1
    at k (app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1)
    at A (app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1)
    at C (app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1)
    at M (app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1)
    at Tn (app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1)
    at ue (app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1)
    at Mn (app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1)
    at Pn (app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1)
    at Dn (app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1)
    at t.unstable_runWithPriority (app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1)
    at Za (app-main.js?v='20210729'.1:1)

When i tried to write in support form got this error:
(i cant put screen with error coz u allow me add one media item)

Please help to fix this. We have core buisnes process integrated with AppSheet and have to fix this ASAP


Please, please, please help Nikita and myself to solve the above. In addition to Nikita’s data, here’s the screen I get when opening the same app as a separate app (‘parsererror’):

The disruption currently affects 75 users directly and many hundreds indirectly. We would be grateful for any kind of help!

Please contact Support for help with this.

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Steve, thanks for reply! I have tried contact with support through this form, but got this error(2 times):


Strange–it works for me!

What happened when you clicked on the “our support team” link displayed on the error page?