Part Of with Confused ID


i’m using Part of in my App in order to :

1- add ordered products for each order ID
2- add produced Qty for each ordered product
3- add delivered Qty for each ordered prodcut
4- add associated machines for each ordered product

that means that i need to make :

1- a part of from table Orders to assign one or more ordered product
2- a part of from table Ordered product to assign produced Qty
3- a part of from table Ordered products to assign one or more deliveries for each ordered product
4- a part of from table ordered products to assign one or more machines to produce the prodcut

I’ve made the first part of which is :

a part of from table Orders to assign one or more ordered product
what i’ve got as ID order is the total amount of the total order and not the unique ID
(please check picture)

this problem keeps happening with the second part of so in stead of showing the unique ID it shows the item name…so i deleted it to undrestand what’s happening excatly

i’m i missing something ?

Check the Label setting in that referenced table. Ref columns are designed to show the column marked as Label in place of row ID. If it is the row ID you prefer, simply change the Label setting to your row ID column in that table.

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 8.01.50 AM


Same problem

I’m a little confused then. The comment above mentions the “second part of” which I assume is referring to the line below?

That would mean you need to go to the table in this statement where you set the “Is part of” property. This doesn’t seem to match with the table in your screenshot.

Could you clearly indicate column you are having the issue with and to which table it is referencing?

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Please check this one

problem i have with the ID order that shows the Total amount and not ID

Thank you. You will need to go to the table that the [ID Order] column is referencing and confirm the Label column setting in THAT tables column list.

If you are not sure what I mean, in the table view you are showing, edit that [ID Order] Ref column. In that edit view there will be a Source table setting shown. That is the table you need to check the Label setting.

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Hi thanks for your answer
in fact this is what i’ve done already

Please check my picture

I think the bes way is to share the app :joy: :joy:

You need to go one more step. You identified that the Source Table is “Orders”. You now need to “open” the Column list for the ORDERS table.

Your images above have been showing the ORDER DETAILS table. That’s not the correct table. Instead go to the Columns for the ORDERS table and confirm which column is set as the Label. Adjust the Lable setting to the column value you prefer to be shown in the Ref column of other tables.


the label was the total amount now i changed it and it works


You’re welcome!