Partition switch without sync

Is there a means to change to a different partition of the same table without syncing the app? Like how a slice would change data in a dashboard immediately?

Also, separate question I couldn’t find any specifics on; does using a slice help performance at all? Or is the performance loss of all the extra data still present, despite being filtered out?



Depends on how it’s used.


I have 2 data sets partitioned between 4 teams. They are 17,000 and 10,000 rows respectively x4.

Last night I tested sync times for using a partition. I also tested sync times for using a slice where I joined all partitions into one data set, and slice filtered each team’s data.
I also experimented with no partitions and just using app as if the other 4 teams didn’t exist. Just one copy of both data sets.

Having all team’s data in one sheet and using a slice allowed instant no sync switching between each team. But sync time was around 30 seconds sometimes more… Which is still impressive for that much data in my opinion…

Using partitions was cumbersome as sync time was still around 20 seconds, and required sync for every time I switched team.

Removing teams, and having only one copy of each data set brought the sync time down to around 15 seconds. In this case to switch to another team, might be just having a button to redirect user to another app connected to that data.


Outstanding analysis!

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Good data points- it’s a pain to maintain multiple apps, so whether to use partitions depends on the use case.

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Yea, I’ve found when updating one app from another, the tables all have to be reset and if you have a ton of data tables like I do it’s a lot; and there’s some extra virtual rows that get regenerated to remove etc.

A gum and paper clip idea I had was to utilize a robotic process automation back end to handle the manual yet repetitive process of updating each app one by one and setting the tables correctly. I’m not sure if this goes against Appsheet’s TOS however.

Why would you think automation of editor actions would violate the TOS? I don’t think so.

Have you tried automation in any other context? I have some experience with selenium and puppeteer.