Pass a parent reference to an inline view row-level action?

Hi there!
Amongst other things, my app has:
Communicative Tasks
Self Study

Two bridge tables between Students and different types of tasks:
Communicative Tasks Progress
Self Study Progress

One of the central views of the app is the Communicative Tasks Progress_detail view. Tutors use this view while teaching students. They need to be able to fire up different actions right from this view. I would like to add an action to all of the ‘Recommended self study’ inline view rows. This inline view is based on a SELECT expression (not REF_ROWS)

The action would create a new ‘Self Study Progress’ record based on the ‘Self Study’ row that the action is attached to:

However, I would like to pass the Student id value from the parent Communicative Tasks Progress view (seen in screenshot 1) into the field highlighted in the second screenshot.

Is this possible and if so, what should I put into the Student Id field? Or is there an alternative solution?

Thanks a million in advance, I’ve combed through lots of posts here, but I’m not sure if the solutions are relevant to my case. I’m a newbie user, so it could be that I’m missing something obvious.