Pass parent view value to child Virtual Column LinktoView


Three tables/Slices at work here
Session (Table)
“Objective assignments Slice” (Slice) Sourced from table Objective assignments
Objective utilization (Table)

I have a view “Sessions”
For recording session information
It has a Key “Sessions ID”

A few columns of data that you entered data/time

and a Virtual Column that links to a slice called “Objective Assignments Slice”
This displays all Objectives for the client for whom I am recording the session.

I have an action assigned to this slice so that that when I click on an item from the list displayed in the session an action is triggered (LINKTOFORM(Objective utilization,columnname,value,columnname,value…)

Within that LINKTOFORM I can pass values from Objective Assignments Slice with no problem.

What I cannot figure out is how to pass the value for the Sessions ID from the main session view so that in the “Objective utilization” I can auto populate the Session ID along with all the other values I need.

It is the only one I cannot manage.

I cannot use MAXROW because I may need to edit the information after creating new ones.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Mark_Taylor

Could you please update if Objectives Assignment Slice’s table child table of Sessions table?

Edit: From the title of the post ,it sounds that Objectives Assignment Slice’s table is child table of Sessions table.

So I believe you will be able to pull session ID in the child table. I believe then you can use it in LINKTOFORM() like other columns?

The Sessions has a virtual column that runs the following App Formula
“Select(Assigned Objectives slice[Objective Assignment ID],true)”

The Form View of Sessions does not let me run the Actions on the Virtual column "Objectives "

The action is run when I click on them from the sessions Detail view

I count four tables/slices, not three:

  1. Session (table)
  2. Objective assignments (table)
  3. Objective assignments Slice (slice)
  4. Objective utilization (table)

Keys are parts of tables/slices, not views, so I assume Session ID is the key column of the Session table?

which appears to be:

Is Assigned Objectives slice the same as Objective assignments Slice?

Objectives is the name of the virtual column mentioned above?

Virtual columns cannot be modified by actions or by users in forms.

Actions cannot be performed within form views.

Since Objective utilization is a different table, you’ll need a separate action to affect it; you can’t affect Objective utilization from a LINKTOFORM() expression that targets Objective Assignments Slice.

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You are correct, I just discovered AppSheet a week ago and I am still getting familiar with the terminology

You assume correctly.

Yes swapped words in my typing

I realized this while creating the Sessions Form.
My solutions was to have a multi steps
1 Add a new session with the “Sessions Form” and initially just gather Client, Date,Time.
2.Clicking Save takes you into the Details View where the Objective assignments are displayed

My Goals is to have clicking an Objective open a Form that already contains the “Session ID”, and “Objective Assignment ID”.

I am trying to find a way to structure actions to accomplish this.

Rabbit Holes I am currently going down to find a solution for this:
–I thought about a action that temporarily assigns the session ID to a “_Per User Setting” and then clears it

–Can a default value Expression pull a value form a previous/parent view

I thought about making Objective utilization[Session] default value equal MaxRow of sessions.
This would be fine for initially recording but I if I go back to make changed a few day later then the Session record in Question Would no longer be the max row.

I apologize If my terminology as inaccurate. I have only been at this a week and I am still learning


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I’m having a really hard time trying to grasp what your app is intended to do. I’m confident what you want to do is possible, but there are too many holes in my understanding to offer concrete suggestions.

Sessions of what?

Objectives for what?

Assignments of what to what?

Utilization of what, how?

I have therapy clients

I have a pool of hundreds of potential objectives to work on with a Client

An appropriate subset of maybe 50 are Assigned to the Client

When the therapy session occurs with the client not every objective will be addressed maybe 10 of the assigned 50.

I want to record the session details and record information about just the 10 Objectives that were utilized (addressed) during the session

The clients are assigned Objectives to be worked on during therapy sessions

My current methodology within the app is to create a new session From Form and then go into the Details view the session that was just created

There in the Details view of the session I see a Virtual column List of the 50 Assigned Objectives

Clicking one of them triggers an action to open a form to create a utilization of the Goal

This Utilization form Form Has the Following

Utilization ID Session Objective Assignment Data Notes
Key Ref Ref Text Text

Launching the action (LinktoForm) from the Objective Assignment easily passes the Objective Assignment

I need to find a way to pass the Session to the form as well.


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Thank you for the additional details!

I see two ways to approach this: an easy way, and a not-so-easy way.

With the easy way, instead of choosing the objective from the session detail page, open the utilization form from the session page (using LINKTOFORM() and passing the session ID) and choose the objective from a dropdown menu from the utilization form.

The not-so-easy way involves… As I think about it, I’m not sure I even want to suggest it, because it’s pretty complicated. Consider and maybe try the easy first? If that doesn’t work for you, then we can talk the hard way? The hard way involves at least another slice and perhaps even another table.

Currently I am trying this out
Right now I am just building the actions …Then I have to figure out how to get them all to execute properly

Adding a column to Sessions called “TempObjUtilID”

Have LinktoForm Just set a placeholder value for Session “SessionABCD”

Action for sessions to set the value of [_thisrow].TempObjUtil to a Lookup in
“Objective Utilizations” of value of “SessionABCD” in the Session column and return the value Objective Utilization ID

Action for “Objective Utillizations” to set the value of [Session] do a lookup in Sessions for in column
“TempObjUtil” of the current ID and return the “Session ID” thus changing the
“SessionABCD” to the actual session ID value.

Remove value from Sessions[TempObjUtilID]

This may be a chicken and egg situation but I will advise if I am successful


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I finally got a working solution. It has a few twist and turns but it works.

Step 1


Add a T/F column to the Sessions Table called “SessionActive”

Step 2


Create a series of actions for the Sessions Table
– Action 1 Set Value The column “SessionActive” to False
– Action 2 Search for all Rows in Sessions that have the Value True in the column SessionActive"
and then run Action 1 for the Results
– Action 3 Set Value The column “SessionActive” to True
– Action 4 Go to another View in this APP =LINKTOROW([_THISROW],“Session Details” )
– Action 5 Group of Actions I this Order: Action 2, Action 3, Action 5

Step 3


On my Sessions Deck View and Under Behavior – Events --Row Selected assign Action 5

Step 4


Create an Action for for the table “Assigned Objectives”
– Action 6 Go to another View in this APP =
LINKTOFORM(Objective Utilization_Form,
Objective Assignment, [Objective Assignment ID],
“Session ID”

Step 5


Go the “Assigned Objectives” table view that I have and Under Behavior – Events --Row Selected assign Action 6

Now I can select a session

See the session details with a virtual column that list all of the Assigned objectives.

If I click one of those “Assigned objectives” A new form for “Objective Utilization” is opened up that already has the correct
“Session ID”, and “Assigned objectives ID”. I enter the rest of my data and click save.

I even added some logic so that when I save the “Objective Utilization” and return back to the Session Detail view that Assigned objective is no longer present on the Virtual Column list so all I see are the ones I have not yet done.

I just hope that this will work even when I am offline and that I am not going to slow the App down with all this.

Thanks to all those who reached out to help and let me know if I over complicated this.

For now I am going to make some tweaks and try it out on my phone.