Pass value through forms

I have a few forms. In the first form, I need to scan Barcode and by condition pass this value to the second or third form. How can I do this without using a table? Maybe there is some kind of global variables etc.?

Do you want to open another form right after the first one is saved?

Yes, I will redirect to another form

Then you could create an Event action with the formula LINKTOFORM() because you can read the value from the record you just saved. In generally it could be like LINKTOFORM(“FormViewName”,“Column”,[Column]). Please check this article…

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I already did it, but the second form has the type “Table” and another spreadsheet.
So I need to get value somehow from the first form in second.

It doesn’t matter. LINKTOFORM will open always a form view.

Yes, it opens. But how I can get a value from the first form without saving it in a spreadsheet? =)

You need to use correct source and target columns with that LINKTOFORM. The first column with “” is the target and […] is the source.

Tables are not linked. I just scan [Serial Number] than open second view which table doesn’t have [Serial Number] field. In the second view, I need to click on a category and use [Serial Number] from the first form.

Would you please give what table names and what column names they have.

Yes, please!

So… you first fill the Scanner form, then Category and finally Inspection?


If you don’t have any relationship between the Scanner & Inspection, or the Scanner & Category, you need to add an extra normal column in Category table so you could read it with the LINKTOFORM when triggering the 3rd form view.

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Thanks, I will go this way =)

You’re welcome