Pass values to Usersettings by action

Currently, we are only able to pass value to table column by actions. (set target column value by action)

I wish to get the further option to set the value of usersetting by actions. For instance, usersettings are sometime introduced to select the rows of particular table to fit the client (user) individual needs. For end user of the app, without knowing they are setting up usersetting to get their required result, it is quite useful to pass the value to usersetting by action.

sometime i use a table where we asked the users to select the value for some columns. This is just for advanced filters. Then once this ‘form’ is saved, they are prompted to a certain view where we apply the deep links to slice the table.

Its fine, but when we leave this view which is filtered by this action, then we no longer have access to the same set of rows of table unless we apply the filter again.
Once we could pass the value to usersetting (table?) then app should remember the value. App retain the values within usersetting, then when the same user revisit the app, they dont need to apply the advanced filter again to access the required set of row (tables)

@tsuji_koichi Good Point.
I don’t know if that helps you, but you could do the following:

  1. Create an Action that brings you user to the Usersettings Form.
    App: go to another view within this App
  2. In the Settings View set the Finish view to the filtered view.
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hi @Fabian, thank you for your valuable comment and suggestion.

Yes, it sounds a good idea indeed. In theory, we are able to prompt users to set up usersetting (for data filtering purpose) and eventually able to achieve what we want.

Thank you again, for sharing your knowledge!


My colleague @Derek has also been asking for this feature. On the todo list. Very useful with horizontal scaling.


That’s a quite great news! Looking forward to new feature.