Passing values between views (a la wizard)

So I have a grandparent, parent and child table. And in a dashboard view, I can have the user select the grandparent, then the choose the parent and then see the children. However, I’d like instead to create a wizard like UX so that the user selects the grandparent in a view and then goes to the parent view based on the grandparent select and then when they select the parent, they can navigate to a view of children. I just don’t know how to pass the values between the forms to create this wizard. Any help is much appreciated.

Are you using an interactive dashboard?

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I can definitely get this to work using the interactive dashboard, but my question is trying to get to work like a wizard UX. Let me give you my example: I want the use to select a genre of movies (grandparent)…let’s say comedies…then after selecting comedies they hit NEXT and select a type of comedy (parent)…let’s say romantic comedies…and then they hit NEXT and select a movie (child) that is a romantic comedy…let’s say PRINCESS BRIDE. However, the big thing is I want this to be ONE way (genre) that they can add PRINCESS BRIDE to another table…which is their favorite movies. So ultimately, the goal is to have this be ONE way a person could try to filter titles to then add them to a list of favorite movie titles…it’s not the only way though. But I want to walk them step by step. I currently have a table that stores title (ref to title table), genre (ref to lookup genre table) and subgenre (ref to lookup subgenre table which has a reference to genre in it). So in this table you could find one title with many subgenres or genres and, of course, one genre/subgenre with many titles. And then I have a table of a person’s favorite titles.

Appsheet doesn’t do passing variables between views, gotta add rows to some holding table and use that.