Past 7 days data (change time stamp)

Hey, i need past 7 days data from “change time stamp” column.
Tried this but doesnt work…TODAY() – 7

The column name is not enough :wink:
You should tell us the column type and also show some values.
Moreover, you should explain what “doesnt work” means exactly.


in this picture is count (down) and name of student name (left blue rows).

When students participate to class, count is 1, She/he goes same class second time, count is 2… and so on, and it works.
But, now count calculated is from january 1. 2021, toooo long way back and too many counts. So I need only week (7 days) data. For example this day - 7 or something like that. So i think we need -7 data from colums “changetimestamp”…
slicecolums are very simple: name, changetimestamp, and class (enum list).

Heres where i put code for this rule filter — ImgBB

Oh dear.
If this added “[Date] = TODAY()” ill get data from today, and its better than ALL data from 1.1.2021…
But how can i get previous last 7 dayz…

There are several examples in the Date and Time Expressions document referenced above that address your need.