Payment Plans

Hi there! I was just reviewing the last bill I was charged, and something doesn’t looks right…I have a handful of apps that I have not deployed that have 0 monthly users, that should be standard that I am getting billed for Premium. I am not yet proficient in appsheet so I do alot of experimenting, trial, error, I do not want to delete them because they have different ideas that I once had…hopefully I can get better at this but for now I did not want to delete them yet… 1 is a very very standard app for inventory, no special actions or behaviors, its not active, no users, but its showing up as Premium. and even if I did the math at $5/user (although there are 0 users and not deployed yet) it still doesn’t add up. Who do I need to speak to about this? Or does anyone have any information that I am some how missing?

Does something other than behaviors, actions,deploying, or something make an app Premium? I am very confused…

I am also working on a new app that needs a PRO plan but its not deployed yet, and the bill sky rocketed because of this? I think I may be missing something here… :frowning:

I don’t know the exact issues you have but appsheet is a little unique in that their pricing plans are per account. You don’t pay per app. So If one app needs pro all apps on that plan that are deployed will be charged as pro based on the number of user licenses you buy. appsheet shines as a platform for a business to build many tools for it’s employees. It doesn’t shine in making one of apps for mutually exclusive groups. The workaround is to make different accounts for different license types.

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