PDF Conversion


So, a while back now, Google announced far better PDF to Google Docs conversions where the converted PDF was turned into a pretty good Google Doc facsimile.

I have noticed that my carefully formatted Google Doc templates that are being used as the basis of Workflow PDF Reports are absolutley woeful at being turned back into a Google Doc after the PDF conversion process (Open With Google Docs…).

My templates are formatted with nested table structures that are then hidden. I know these get parsed into HTML before being fed into the PDF engine and it works well to create something very close to what I want. However, the final created PDF seems to have had all the hidden tables removed and the content seems to be placed exactly at positions on the page. When these are opened with Google Docs to convert them, all hell breaks loose with the formatting and tabulated data is a mess!

Is this a function of the PDF creation engine? Is there something I can do to persuade the engine to leave the tables in the PDF? I don’t want to unhide them (simply making the line colour white on the tables) in the Google Doc templates as they are there for structure not looks.

Any suggestions?