PDF creating sequence

Just to understand how it works so we can work on sync time for these operations: how is the PDF file created? Is it created on the device or Appsheet server?

My guess is that AppSheet (and not the app itself) does the heavy work:

App triggers workflow > AppSheet access the template (no caching) and renders the PDF > AppSheet upload the PDF to Data Source > AppSheet informs the App that the operation was concluded.

Is that correct?

Basically the answer is correct.

On the IT world, we have two different areas, one is CLIENT and BACK-END.
Client is browser where the web app user are seeing, including cached data, else the database or any other service and logic which will be looked after at server side.

Appsheet is using Mailchimp service of Mandrill for mail merging to generate PDF as a service.

It is heavy and expensive operation so it always takes a bit of time until we are able to access to the finally generated PDF (or other type of files) being generated through Appsheet workflow.

Make sense?

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Appsheet parses the template file and generates HTML.
The HTML is sent to PDF Rocket for conversion to PDF.