PDF File Not Opening

I have made a Salary Slip Bot which generates a PDF with the Employee Salary Details. I want to open that PDF file from the App. So I used the File Data Type but when I click on it its not able to find the PDF file eventhough it there as if I manually go to that folder in Google Drive I am able to manually open the file. I think I am making some mistake in the path.

Attached the snapshots. Please guide.

Thank you! :blush::pray:

Did you disable timestamp? Where is the file located in relation to your GSheet? See here for more:

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Yes I have disabled the Time Stamp.
Attached 2 Snapshots with the details of the path for Default App Folder and Google Drive Folder where the pdf file is saved.

That doesn’t answer my second question.

Make sure you read that thread I just linked.

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Attached the Snapshot of the Template File Path.

No, not the template file.

Where is the GSheet located, that contains the Table in question.

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Attached Snapshot of the GSheet File Path.

The name of the Database File is TS Dhamaka Points Db.

Yep, same problem as in the thread I linked…

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I read it but can’t figure out!! Can you please tell me based on my case please!! I am getting confused as I am new to Appsheet. :pray: :blush:

The file has to be in the same folder as your GSheet, or below it. Not in a completely separate folder like you have it.

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Since you are saying the file has to be in the same folder as your GSheet, or below it. So below it we can have how many sub sub folders is there a limit?

Default App Folder: /TS Dhamaka Points App/TS Dhamaka Points Database/Data-TSDPA

I have made 2 sub folders below it. “Appsheet.pdf/SalarySlip.pdf/”

How many sub folders can we have?

As its still not opening the file.

There should not be any limit, at least not within reason.

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I am not able to figure out where is the mistake please advice :blush::pray:

Location of GSheet w/ Table

Value in [File] column = "file.pdf"
Image Path configuration for [File] column = "folder2/folder3/"

Location of pdf file


Thank You for your valuable input. The issue partly fixed! Some minor errors! Please help! :blush::pray:

I made a Virtual Column in the Table EmpSal and put the App Formula: “Appsheet.pdf/SalarySlip.pdf/“&[EmpName].[EmpName]&” “&[SalMonth]&” “&[SalYear]&” "&Salary Slip&”.pdf”

Column Data Type: File

Image/Flie Folder Path: Blank

In Salary Slip Pdf Bot I did the following:

File Folder Path: “Appsheet.pdf/SalarySlip.pdf/”

File Name Prefix: [EmpName].[EmpName]&" “&[SalMonth]&” “&[SalYear]&” "&Salary Slip&”.pdf”

Disabled the Time Stamp.

The PDF File is getting generated and I am able to click on the file from the App and View it too!!

Now the issue is that if I made some changes in the data a new file gets generated and is saved in the Google Drive and if I open it from there then all updated data is shown BUT if I click on the File from the App it shows the old file not the updated file!!

Please let me know how to fix this :blush::pray:

It says Enable “Secure Image Access” by going to Security > Options.

Do I have to enable Secure Image access or Secure PDF access??

Also my App is in Prototype stage, if I enable the above will it work or the app needs to be deployed first?

You probably should be disabling these options, not enabling. Obviously you would use the PDF options for PDFs, and the Image option for Images.

I don’t believe deployment should affect public document URLs in any way.

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I did both enabled and disabled Secure Image access & Secure PDF access but still I am getting the cached file not the actual file.

Please let me know how to fix this.

Thank You!! :blush::pray:

The Secure Access options have nothing to do with the file caches. Information about file caches is in that thread that I linked.