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Hello AppSheet,

How do I create a PDF file of a view within an app to attach to an email generated by the app?

Thank you!

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Dear Levent,

Thank you for this! I already attempted this and it does not include the entire view, because the view in question scrolls down and may be multiple pages.

SNAPSHOT() is the only alternative. What are you trying to accomplish that isn’t suitably handled by a report?

So there’s a view within my driver dispatch app that lists all the stops a driver has to go to. Sometimes this could be up to 30 or 40 stops in one night, so the user has to scroll down to see all the stops. I want to take a PDF file of these stops and have all of them emailed to a printer.

SNAPSHOT() does not work for this purpose because it only captures the first view of stops without scrolling down.

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I think a workflow-generated report is your best option.

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Thanks! Can these reports be generated at the click of a button, or do they have to be periodic?

You can generate them with an action button

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