Pdf file sending

in automation tab pdf file sending to the app user not working proper. the system generated templates only shows the order but order details were not seen in this template. anybody who knows about this please answer to this???
this is my template

Hi @Arjun032

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I think <<End>> is missing after <<[Total]>>

Please see:

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Additionally, The syntax of the START statement is incorrect. Should be:

<<Start:[Related Order Details]>>

See Sending Email Only After Adding a Parent Record and All of Its Children here:

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my app is an order capture order details type and email should have the order details and related order details. unfortunately email template only showing the order details it will not display related order details. The reporting email like in this form.

is there any problem with the template creating???


Hi @Arjun032,
As we can see on your previous screenshot; Total Cost : $0.00.
So, seems OK not having any detail.

Are you expecting details on this one ?
Can you share details if so ?

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yes this is also an issue

if we create new order, order total didn’t display.
when update an order, order total will be displayed in the pdf.
is there any solution fot this???

I don’t understand what your issue is, sorry.
You are describing, in my opinion, a normal behavior.

What is your issue ?
Can you please share a screenshot of your app on an order with details on, and the pdf result ?

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On table Order, column Related OrderDetails, can share the formula expression and a screenshot of the settings ?
Such as type, source table, and formula, please.

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I believe the issue is that the automation is being triggered too early when a new Order + details is added. In AppSheet, the parent row is saved first and then all of the children rows are saved. If your automation triggers simply when the new parent row is added, it will run the automation before the children have had a chance to be saved.

This is a common mis-understanding for those new to AppSheet.

The automation needs to be set so that it only triggers once all of the children have been added.

Please refer to this article below. It focus’ on emails but the concept is the same for PDF generation. Scroll down to the section - "Why is the parent record displayed but the child records are missing?"


@Arjun032 are you in this case ? @WillowMobileSystems is raising a very good point here.
Similarly, you may want to change the Total Cost column that you currently have as a real column, into a virtual column. Otherwise, its result won’t be updated as you add new details to your order.
Please see here for further explanation:

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OK, thank you for your valuable information

total cost has been displayed by changing in to virtual column, but related order details currently not displaying???

Related OrderDetails should not have disappeared: it’s a formula that comes when you have a relation between your tables Order and Order Detail.

Can you share your current table columns ?

that’s normal.
I think you are confusing with Related Order Details in the Order table :slight_smile:

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Hi @Arjun032

I have no clue of what is going wrong, in my opinion your settings are correct, and so is the template.

@WillowMobileSystems any idea of what may go wrong here ?