PDF from templates to support essential business requirements

PDF from templates to support essential business requirements. Reporting is over 50% of a business be app. This could do with some improvements

  1. Page numbering.

  2. Headers and Footers

  3. Table of contents.

  4. Bullets

  5. Proper indentations.

You got my vote…
I would say that a lot of my clients are getting softer on these requirements over the years.

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Sure, hyperlinks etc can be more useful etc.

But unfortunately many of our clients are governed by official accreditation schemes schemes, that require rigorous standards for each page.

And also the dreaded and ungainly legal numbering.

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100% got my Vote. 1000%!!! Headers and Footers to die for OMG!!! :astonished: :hushed: :open_mouth:

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Yes. It’s such an essential business requirement, and not that hard to implement at the native code level (read ahead and 2 passes), given Google’s vast resources.

Is what’s holding us back releasing a range of products to thousands of users.

We are now considering redeveloping in Bubble or Flutter just because of that one missing feature.

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How does that integrate with Appsheet templates?

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It doesn’t, it integrates with your data.

So it uses data from the Spreadsheets if using Google sheets independently of AppSheet?

What about all the logic being used in a template, do you have to implement that within the other tool?

Nope… Even worse, it’s server side…

Hi @Grant_Stead

I’m interested with this feature, as Docs template are hard to structure.
Did you succeed into implementing a connection between AppSheet and WindWard ?

No, I haven’t spent much time on it.