PDF Generation


I have set up everything necessary to generate a PDF, but I am not receiving an email with the PDF. What did I do wrong?


Not sure your apps whole structure, but through your screenshot, I observe one error in expression


first, syntax error.
It s correctly isnotblank([_thisrow])
However, it wont work, as we dont know what [_thisrow] will be. You need to specify the exact name of the filed in this expression.


At least worth trying to correct this part to see how it goes.


Hello @tsuji_koichi

Thanks for your response. I tried removing that expression completely but it still doesn’t work.


@tvinci Is your app still a prototype? As I understand it, prototype apps only send the email to the app owner not anyone else listed to receive it. But, if you are the app owner, you should still be getting the email.

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