PDF Offer - How to get rid of doubled parent information (Category)

I may suggest, please message me the ID at which I can share the sample app created by me based on the table structure shared by you.

Hi Suvrutt,

the ID is 1423429


Please message me your email ID where I can share the app in message section of this community portal.

Dear Suvrutt,

I have checked your app. Thank you much for you effort!
Unfortunately, when I have copied the actual values into your service table (with some identical category names), the same failure appears, as described above:

Inside the offer 1 PDF I have marked the services that should not be shown in this offer 1 (because they are related to Offer 2).

So the Offer filter seem not to apply and we still need an update of the expression that makes sure, on the offer only those services are shown which are related to this specific offer. Don’t matter, if there are identical named to services that are related to other offers.

Do you have an Idea?

Here the data for updating you table, so that you don’t have to type in all the values (or I can send you the link to my google sheet table):

Related_with_ID_Offer Category_No Category Service_No Service Category_No_and_Service_No Category_and_Category_No Price
ID_Offer_1 1 Bedroom 1 Wallpapering 1. 1 1. Bedroom 500
ID_Offer_1 2 Bathroom 1st Floor 1 Lay the floor 2. 1 2. Bathroom 1st Floor 450
ID_Offer_1 3 Living room 1 Plaster 3. 1 3. Living room 750
ID_Offer_1 3 Living room 2 Install sanitary facilities 3. 2 3. Living room 400
ID_Offer_2 1 Bedroom 1 Brush 1. 1 1. Bedroom 200
ID_Offer_2 1 Bedroom 2 Laying tiles 1. 2 1. Bedroom 200
ID_Offer_2 2 Bathroom 1st Floor 1 Plaster 2. 1 2. Bathroom 1st Floor 100
ID_Offer_2 3 Living room 1 Wallpapering 3. 1 3. Living room 100
ID_Offer_3 1 Core renovation 1 5000

Hi @stuggijo_h,

I believe I could also be missing some point because it seems to be working at my end but you are facing issues. So I believe there is some lack of understanding of requirements on my part.

I am sorry. I believe you it may be best approach that you may seek help from someone else.

OK. Thank you very much!
Even if I do not really know who to ask else :-/. Make a new request into the community?

I might not were clear enough while explaining what kind of result I needed.
Sorry for that:

The current solution works great as long as they are no identical named categories within the related data (sevice table). But in my case there might be identical named categories within the related data (related services to an offer).

Unfortunately in your table there were no dublicates. So it could not show if the goal is achieved. I have copied your app and added the “duplicates” (I have colored them into the same color in the upper table trying to point out, that it this case can appear) into your service table to check, if only the services were shown in the offer pdf, which are really related to the particular offer.

I would appreciate if you could copy the “duplicate” values (into your sample service table and run the pdf), then you understand my issue.

Thank you very much for you help!

We were quite close and have found the failure.
It has been quite simple in the end:


Thank you, Suvrutt, thank you Steve!

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