PDF Report design distint than the report tem...

(Laurent Bertin) #1

PDF Report design distint than the report template Hi, My template looks like the first one

But shows like the second when received by mail… Any clues ?

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #2


When creating PDF attachments, AppSheet first converts the template to a HTML and then converts that HTML to PDF. I believe in either one of the steps, page structure is lost.

(SmartD) #3

Laurent, parece ser que tu plantilla en Google Docs está diseñada como cualquier documento o carta. Si este fuera el caso, intenta accediendo a Insertar/Tablas e inserta una tabla de 21x30, luego comienza a diseñar el Remito uniendo/separando celdas y marcando/desmarcando bordes. Siguiendo estos pasos yo he obtenido el siguiente Informe. Saludos. Translate

(Fabian Weller) #4

@Laurent_Bertin I see you set some of the Table Borders to colour white. But you have to set also the Border width to “0 pt”. Then they will not appear in the PDF.