PDF showing email instead of name

I feel like this is going to be simple and I’m just overthinking it, but I can’t seem to get my pdf template to display one expression correctly.

I have an Employees table, with a column ‘email’ as the key, and another column ‘name’ for their name and it is set to be the label. I have a Log table with a column called ‘worker’s name’. I referenced the Employees table in the ‘worker’s name’ column, and put an intialvalue of useremail() so that it would fill in the logged in user’s name, but could also be changed. In the app everything looks good, and the dropdown contains the user’s name.

My problem is, I have this set to export to a pdf document, and my <<[worker’s name]>> expression is displaying their email address rather than their name. How can I get this to populate the name instead? Thanks in advance.

You need to use Deref expression like [worker’s name].[NameColumn].

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Of course it’s that simple. Thank you, it is working now.

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You’re welcome