PDF to show column of data rather than row


I am currently creating a PDF attachment. I am wanting to show all the data in a column that relates to that customer, obviously, this data also runs over several rows.

What would be the best way to automate this?


Hi @Gardener76,

Did you try the bot creator ? (“New Bot”, then suggestion)
Can you give a little more context ?

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Hi @Aurelien

Thanks for reply.

No, I haven’t used the Bot.


I will be observing and recording the same parameters every 40 minutes for an actual event, at the end of the event I want to send the contestant a breakdown of all of their stats in a PDF. Obviously, there will be various contestants and many rows for that contestant. How do I best group these rows to show in the PDF?

OK, thanks for context.

You may want to have a look at these:

and more specifically, the section " Select Expression" in this:

in addition, that may be useful if you are new to select expressions:

If you try with a “self-generated bot”, you will notice in the task tab the section relative to the email sending.
Inside it, you will have a “Use default content?” option, you can un tick it.
Then, save your change (blue “save” button, top-right corner of your window).
Then, get back to the email options, then go below and click on this:

It will generate a Docs template.
Then, it will be a good start for what you are trying to achieve.

Let us know if that works for you !