PDF workflow

I have been trying to generate a pdf and send it to the email address specified by USEREMAIL(). But it has been so annoying that when I add tables in my pdf template the workflow does not work. When I don’t add tables in my pdf the workflow works.

It has taken so much of my time. I have been trying different options like merging all tables into one but nothing has worked.

Would be grateful if anyone can help.

Hi @Muhammad_Hamadan
Could you please post screen shots of the template that works and the one that doesn’t, thanks.

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This template works. But when I tried to add more than one table in the template the workflow didn’t work.

What doesn’t work? Sending to USEREMAIL()? Adding tables to your template? The workflow? What does “add tables” mean?

Workflow sends an email to the user whenever the user selects ‘Yes’ for the ‘Generate PDF’ field in the form.
The email contains a pdf of the form that is filled by the user.

‘Doesn’t work’ means workflow does not send an email to the user and hence no pdf is received by the user.

From the app editor, make a trivial change to your app then Save & Verify Data:


The Verify Data part prompts the editor to check your template for errors. Does it report any? If so, please post a screenshot of the errors.

No errors reported on clicking ‘save & verify data’.

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Have you tried “TEST” of the WF? (up in right corner of the WF)


I just tried “TEST” and found an error.
Corrected the error, now the workflow is sending the required PDF.
Thanks for your help.