Per-Column truncation and width control in table view


I need per-column control in table view, currently they are all narrow or all wide (default selects which it is), text-wrapping is not available, only truncation, I want to see the entire string for some columns

The settings I want per-column are:

  1. a) truncate, b) wrap, c) no-truncate+no-wrap
  • wrap case could be removed to make the feature easier)
  1. width adjustment: a) fit (max compression) b) wide c) narrow
  • b) and c) are currently there are narrow/wide but cannot be changed per-column

Coming soon to an app near you

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Man, I hope so! Hair transplants are getting expensive!!


These sorts of controls over the table view were talked about at the beginning of the year about being included in the table updates they’re rolling out. So here at some point, these sorts of things should be appearing.

  • At least for controlling the column size, I remember mention of that.
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These improvements seem to have rolled out, I see (I think) an improvement in the column width and also user control over the width.