Per user settings filter not working

Hi, i set this settings on my per user setting, so the user can select it service center location, and then i want to filter the tasks based on the selection on the first page, but its not working, how can i do it?

Atividades means tasks, in portuguese… I want to filter these tasks based on the first screen selection.

Please create a slice on your tasks table with a filter expression expression something like


This presumes you have a column [SVC] in the tasks tabe as well.

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I did that, but its still showing all of them

Could you share relevant screenshots? Also hope you have taken a look at the Lifetime feature of the usersettings in the emulator environment as mentioned in the article referred to below.


Hi @Savio

@Suvrutt_Gurjar is correct.
A way to workaround that, is to look into the menu, click on Settings, then Save.

Please keep in mind you will need to do this every single time you Save in order to be able to use the usersettings.


I got it working! Thanks.

One more thing: i have the user selector on my first page, with a password field (set in user settings), and i have an expression to lookup the password, but its working only the first password of the table, how can i force it to match every login with every password?

I can login with every user, using the FIRST password of the list… and i do not want that

You’re using LOOKUP() wrong.


Can you help me? I cannot figure how to do this

Read the help doc.

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