Percent VC column in CONCATENATE() issue

Hi everyone

I’ve looked around for a bit but I simply can’t find the solution to this… so excuse my ignorance.

So I was minding my own business… creating a custom display text string for a view:

CONCATENATE("Stock Take Completion - ",INDEX(SELECT(Stock Count Master[Completed Stock Count],[SCMASTER_UID] = “SCMASTER_001”),1))

[Completed Stock Count] >> a VC that calculates the percentage of the item. The column calculates the values just fine. No complaints. And when used inside a detail view looks ok…

But it converts itself into a decimal value if i include it into a CONCATENATE().

Any ideas on how to remedy this? It must be a math thing i’m missing somewhere…


Wrap it in a TEXT() function. I believe that will retain the proper display formatting. so…



Because it’s percentage value and you probably want to show it like 0.12, you need to multiply it with 100.