Percentage Calculation by Locations


I’ve browsed here, and found a couple posts that get pretty close to what I need, but am unable to get this working 100% accurately. What I am looking to do, is to calculate the percentage of employees at a given site that have passed a training class. I would like to display this metric on a form, so my users are able to evaluate who still has not completed and register those who haven’t completed. Designating their names with a ‘Format Rule’ is working as needed, but the calculation of percent is not. I have a table of sites/employees/completed records, and reference this to my registration form. I have a virtual column, set as ‘percent’ type, with the expression below:

The current expression I am using is this:
COUNT(SELECT(Employee[Test Completed], AND(ISBLANK([Test Completed]),[Location]=[_THISROW].[Location])))/COUNT(SELECT(Employee[Test Completed], AND([Test Completed]=“Yes”,[Location]=[_THISROW].[Location])))

Using this, I am getting a calculation that is close, but several Locations are over 100%, and others are calculating high.

Any help is appreciated.

Your expression looks wrong.


Thanks Steve. After looking at that a second time, the expression was wrong as I was counting the blanks, and not the total number of employees in general. Changed the ISBLANK to just a simple count [Employee] and it works.

Steve for the Win again. Thanks as always.