Percentage Format Rules

Hello Sir im newbie here,

i have data with percentage format. im gona highlight it

Equal 100% is Green
96% - 98% is Orange
Less 95% is Red

i have try it
[Column Name] = “100%”

Thanks before…

Try with this:

For Green
AND([ColumnName] > 0.98,[ColumnName] <= 1.00)
For Orange
AND([ColumnName] >= 0.95,[ColumnName] <= 0.98)
For Red
[ColumnName] < 0.95

thanks for helping me sir,

but for this didnt work

AND([ColumnName] >= 0.95,[ColumnName] <= 0.98

example some of my data have a decimal value like 99,2%, i have try

AND([ColumnName] >= 0.98, [ColumnName] < 0.1)

But it didnt work, format rules didnt work

Check this out

i mean this, i try to edit to 98.2% and the format didnt work

That’s because your expression does not cover the data points between 98 & 100. Check it now please.

so whats the best solution for this ?
sorry if i have asking too much, im newbie here

I have given you the expressions above in my post

nah im gona change it

can u pls show me the formula for it pls sir ?

Shouldn’t be the last one <95%? So you need 4 colours?

ok thanks sir, practice make perfect…