Percentage of similarity between two columns

Good afternoon thank you very much first of all,

Please could you help me with a small query, I have two columns in my app in which I would like to know the percentage of similarity between two responses.

Something similar to the attached screenshot


Thank you very much

So the order doesn’t matter as long as the words are the same?
Also doesn’t matter how large the words are? they are weighted the same?

No such function is available in AppSheet.

Not very simple one but you could try the below formula. Haven’t tested but it should work.

(COUNT(INTERSECT(SPLIT([Cadena 1," “),SPLIT([Cadena 2],” “))))/
(COUNT(UNIQUE(SPLIT([Cadena 1],” “)+SPLIT([Cadena 2],” ")))*1.0)


Good afternoon

Thank you very much Aleksi Alkio I have tried the formula that but the result it gives me is 0.00 only works when the two values match 100% in both columns I attach both examples in a screenshot

On the other hand, in the example that I attach, how you can see a country coincide in both answers, so the percentage should not be 0%

Thank you in advance for your help

In your case the formula won’t work because you have used ", " as the separator where my sample is using space. You need to change that and you should be fine.

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hello Aleksi, sorry for not being able to answer, it works correctly thank you very much


No worries :slightly_smiling_face:

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