Perform an action on a filtered table (security filter)

I have a Table called “DETAIL” with a security filter as simple as (useremail() = [Email])
I have an action (Data: Add a new row to another table using values from this row) in this action I take data from the table “EMPLOYEE” And bring it to this table (DETAIL)

The Action has a behavior “Only if this condition is true” where I set in which rows it will apply.

My problem is that the action is ONLY working for the rows for the “useremail()” email’s.

Any suggestion ?

Thank you in advice

You want to override the security filter for the action duration - at this time your options are

  1. Temporarily disable security filter and run the action
  2. Create a different app without the security filter.

Others may have more ideas.

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Thanks for your quick response.


  1. The action is trigger by a report daily…
  2. different app ?? I didn’t get it

I assumed you are wanting to disable the security filter just for yourself (and for other users, you want the security filter.)

Sorry I wasn’t clear - by temporarily disable, I meant (at some convenient time), manually delete the security filter in the editor, save the app, run the action and put the security filter back and save the app.

By another app, I meant make a copy of the app which doesn’t have the security filter.


I DID IT !! hahahha

After 2 hours trying, the solution was very simple… I deleted the Security Filter but added a Slice to show in the UX, so know the action is working with the hole data But what I’m showing is filtered by the Slice.

Anyways… Thanks @Bellave_Jayaram because your idea of creating a new app made me think about that


If you can accept the fact that slices are less secure than security filters, then this is one way.

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What do you mean by “less secure”. At the moment I’m using the slice for showing the user only the information that he has.

(It’s the normal useremail() = [Email])

Which problem do you think I will have for it ?

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