Performance analyser

Not sure if this is just me. But in performance analyser I can only see the total sync time for each table. Whereas before I could see than plus each virtual column.

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In my own applications I noticed that performance analyzer would only show virtual column time if it takes ‘longer’ than some internal threshold. Not sure what Appsheet deems to be the threshold, but that is the only time I would see specific analysis as it pertains to VCs.

I wouldn’t have thought that was an issue. I’m getting sync times in the 150 to 160 seconds range.

One other quirk is I’m not seeing any perfomance listings for sync I do via the App Definition

Yeah, at that kind of sync time I would expect the performance analyzer to show which VC(s) are causing the long sync times. That is exactly how I used it in the past when one of my apps took forever to load. Are you able to share a screenshot of the analyzer output?

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Yeah, I would call this as another bug, I see the same recently.
More oddly, on some cases (unable to reproduce), i see the performance log where all the operation is 0 sec, which is definitely not true.

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The 3 tick boxes seem to do nothing at all now either

Indeed . Not able to drill down to anywhere.

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Same. of course I find that I have users randomly spiking to the 20 second sync times because I found this but I can’t tell why :frowning:

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I wish…

Any news on this @Steve after it was escalated?


I noticed this as well, thanks for reporting!

I’m told this may have been fixed in today’s release. Can anyone confirm?

Hi @Steve

This seems to be working ok now :slight_smile:

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