Performance analysis chart don't work

Does anyone else have a working chart on their performance analyzer?

@Arthur_Rallu @kamila ^

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@Austin_Lambeth Can you confirm the following

  1. People were using your app during the time frame you specified
  2. Below the graph, the table contains some data that correspond to app sync
  3. If you add or edit a row in your app, does it show up in this chart?
  4. You see some logs related to app syncs in the Audit history


  1. Yes, we reach the 1000 audit log viewer limit about every 20 hrs and this is apparent over every performance chart over every time frame.
    2.Yes, I am currently trying to reduce our sync times so I am constantly hitting sync in my app.
  2. Yes, row adds, deletes, and edits show up in the chart
  3. Yes, I have been reviewing these logs heavily for the past few days.
    Addition:this has been the case where we do not see sync times in the performance analyzer for months. I believe I remember there was some global issue with this a while ago where sync times were always showing 0 in the logs and we just never saw the performance chart come back. That was during our first couple of apps so we didn’t pay any attention to the chart.

This is a bug and I’ve added it to our backlog.

Hmmm, I think that the information should be being correctly reported again now. Austin, can you confirm whether there is data for you for today at least? There is probably a gap with no data, but we recently fixed a bug that I hope will have fixed this.


Works again for me.

Still does not work. Yes there are more syncs, the range is all of June so far, than just that one but I didn’t wanna have to black all of those out too.

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Any updates on this? @TDhers :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reminder Austin. I’ll follow up with @Arthur_Rallu right away to find out where this is at.

Not urgent! Just curious

Still It’s been 7 days since our last exchange. It’s too long for us to get back to you. I’m tracking who is looking at it on our end now. @hugheshilton

Quick update. Hughes is out for now and it’s been investigated . The data is there but for some reason it’s not rendering. We’ll keep investigating until we figure out but I might not have an answer for you today or this week.

That’s fine. We just want to eventually be able to see a trend of performance as we add rows over a week. Don’t wanna have to do my search, save results and then run an analysis workflow elsewhere on that file to get it.