Performance Issue

There is currently a server performance issue that may be affecting an isolated number of AppSheet users. We’re aware of the issue and are in the process of resolving, but if you are experiencing any problems, please let us know. Thank you!

Thanks for the heads up! We are experiencing it here.

I am experiencing right as I was training a new team member on how to use the system uggg.

@Peter Some of my users are experiencing problems as well.

Is this the same issue?

At around 7 am PST today, our servers experienced a sharp and sudden increase in network traffic. As a result, many of our servers became slow or unresponsive, which affected a number of users. We have since resolved this issue, and our servers are now working normally. However, we are still closely monitoring the situation to detect potential problems early.

We sincerely apologize to all affected users for the disruption in service. We understand that you rely on us to run important businesses, and any down time on our side can cause you significant inconvenience and damage. As a result, we are investing more resources into improving the stability and performance of our system. We will work hard to scale up our infrastructure to meet the demand of our growing user base, and we seek your patience and understanding, as well as your continued support.


@Rosemary_Black Hi, this error is unrelated to the performance issue that we had earlier today. The error message that you got was “notFound”, which indicated that the app was unable to find the underlying spreadsheet of table “Units1”. Has this spreadsheet been renamed/moved/deleted recently? Could you check your cloud storage to see if it’s still there?

@Harry Really, strange. Table is still there, all is well, not all users are effected.

@Rosemary_Black So can I assume that the app is working properly now, or do you still need us to look into this?

still having problem here in Taiwan, can’t sync. please help

@Fusion_Incense What error are you seeing? We haven’t seen any other indication of a recurrence of this morning’s issue.

@Adam lately seeing a lot of connection time out, seems ok for now

@Peter Still having issues regarding email attachments in WORKFLOW:

Workflow rule ‘file’ ‘Attachment’ template properties could not be obtained due to File not found
Workflow rule ‘file’ ‘Attachment’ template could not be read due to FileMimeType ‘’ is unexpected.

This template worked fine last week. I’ve already checked compatibility problems, but that´s not it.


@Harry Seems stable now. I’ll let you know if it comes up again.