Performance Issues on >20 Concurrent Users adding rows to the same table

I’m currently running a data entry app which more than 20 users are inputting data and adding row to the the same table. I realized the sync is taking extremely long time (a few mins) when there are multiple users using the app. Checked the performance profile and found out that “DataLayer_CreateLockWait” is the slow step that affect the syncing speed. I wonder if there are any solutions to this? Thanks a lot!

P.S. I don’t use virtual columns except for references

Maybe this?

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Also, use Google Sheets rather than Excel.


Used security filter and google sheets already. Partially solved the issue by changing the action from add rows to edit rows, seems the operation is much faster

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I’m actually still having performance issues with my app. Currently a typical user will have to read ~600 rows in two tables (after using security filter), and the performance analyzer is showing me that it takes about 40s to read the data during sync. Would like to know is this a normal performance I should be expecting. I am using Google Sheets and is not using any virtual columns. A row has ~9 columns. Thanks for the help.

I certainly wouldn’t expect that kind of performance!

Are you using spreadsheet formulas?

Although I use Google Cloud SQL I would not expect that kind of performance for just read action. I have a SQL table with 40K+ records that consistently gets read in less than 4 seconds.

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Yes on one of the tables. But for the tables without any formulas It’s still taking a long time to read the rows during sync. I usually have >20 users using the app at the same time, and I do notice that the sync time goes down significantly when there are less user using the app, so I wonder if it plays a role in affecting the performance as well.

Sure, because the entire spreadsheet has to be consistent. I would expect formulas anywhere in the workbook to potentially affect performance.

Are they complex formulas? Do they interact with data outside the spreadsheet?

Consider moving the worksheet(s) with formulas to a different workbook.