Performance of App Scaling As Adds to Database Increases

I am trying to use AppSheet to create an app to submit basic information about a person (name, address, DOB) as well as a signature to a Google Sheet. This app will be used in a scenario where a person will be filling out this information for a customer and submitting the form. I expect up to 6 user of this app at any given time and each of these users will be submitting information to the sheet possibly at the same time. As a whole I am expecting about 3-4000 submissions and possibly more.

I am concerned that with more and more submissions the amount of time it will take to make the next update will increase causing a slower user experience. Some of the reasons I am concerned is that with simultaneous add operations to the sheet the server could be slow in completing requests. Also if there is a lot of syncing of data between the serve and and app to make sure that locally the data is the same as the sheet this could could also lead to some latency constraints when it comes to submitting new information.

I am wondering if my concerns are relevant and if so what I can do to address this in my use case? Also, since my app doesn’t have functionality for users to query the information in the spreadsheet I am wondering if I could turn off the need to sync the data from the spreadsheet to the app.


Unless you’ve got some crazy expensive virtual column expressions (like nested SELECTs ), or hundreds of columns, a couple thousand records shouldn’t slow you down that much.



Thanks! Didn’t see that option