Performance on Android OS

Hi, I have an App with a map view that has a couple of hundreds of pins. I have a show if constraint that I use to o filter these out to a few dozen at a time. I’m running into a very distracting performance issue.

On my iPhone SE (2016) this map view loads fine. Maybe a slight stutter, but nothing longer than two seconds. It only has 2gb of RAM and a 1.8ghz processor.

Now when I try my app on my Android Moto G6 it has a significantly longer hiccup trying to load the map view. It has 4gb of RAM and also a 1.8ghz processor and is running Google’s own OS. But my map view is frustratingly slow to use, freezing the screen for up to 10 seconds at a time.

I’ve noticed that in other apps that have a couple dozen points in a map view that this problem doesn’t happen. I’m wondering if anyone can offer insight to help me optimize my map views.