Permission setting to fix "Unable to add/edit/delete row in table 'Data'"?

This is probably a rookie question, but I’m trying to connect to an excel with an app that allows you to add entries, but no matter what I try I always get the following error when I try to add a new entry and click save:

“Unable to add/edit/delete row in table ‘Data’. → You do not have permission to access one or more tables in the app. Please contact the app creator to troubleshoot this problem.”

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Is it possible that your Excel is open at the same time?

Try changing the name of the table.

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Would this matter being a cloud version of the sheet?

It worked!! Changed the name in AppSheet table settings and it’s now working … what’s the logic with that??
Thank you!!

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There are some keywords that can cause this. I am not aware if a complete list is published anywhere.

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