Permissions Page keeps popping up & getting in the way (on co-authored apps)

After the release that was just pushed out (or at least, the one I just received) has caused my app preview to continuously open to the permissions page for co-authored apps.

I can accept the permissions, but any changes that might have been shown are NOT seen; seems like the app is loading the last valid version after you accept the permissions.

After each change I make, this causes the permsissions page to pop up again.

The permission should be sent to the server once accepted and then remembered for subsequent syncs. Do you see this in all co-authored apps, or just specific ones? If you open the app in full screen do you also see the permission prompt repeatedly there, even after accepting?

I have this issue as well. I only have this issue in the editor, and not in the browser version of the app.

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I found the problem. Should have a fix coming soon.


The faster the better! That is truly annoying!

Sorry about that. A fix has been deployed, if anyone is still seeing the problem you may just need to refresh the page.