Personal App Blocked - Need help

Hi, my personal App got blocked because I had ‘5 active users’, I deployed it and had it set up without login so I could have a few friends test it, They show up as guests in the logs.

I will be getting a paid plan soon, when I need more accounts, but not yet, I’m still testing it and building it.

I can’t contact support because I’m still not on a paid plan, anyone that can help?

Thanks! is, nevertheless, who should contact.

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When you want to test your app with users, it’s better to use authentication and keep the app in prototype mode. If you set these first and remove the “for personal use” if it’s set as ON, you should be fine.

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Hi Aleski, thanks for the response, I set the app back to protopype, turned authentication back on and turned Pesonal use OFF and the app is still blocked, any thing else I should do?

@App_Gestion Would you please give the full name of the app and I will check what the reason is.

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