'Personal Use' needs concrete definition to save hours of everyone's time misunderstand it

I’ve had hours and hours of my time obliterated and a bomb put under my work and deadlines by the lack of honed down, clear, concrete terms used in the editor.

Personal Use

This SHOULD be clearly defined right there as ‘use for up to 3 people’

We have been to and froing for days. How people use it. What they use it for. Upgrade this. Subscription that. No.

From a customer’s point of view, I just need to know the bottom line, what cost what?

The personal use issue has blown me so far off course and left an ocean of words and misunderstanding between us.

I upgraded to a Publisher Pro and paid $50 a month.

Still, the upgrade issue persisted. ‘Subscription plan’ is NOT publisher Pro. It’s monthly.It’s a plan. It requires subscription. Definition needed.

The whole matter of what Personal use means can be drilled down and save days of everyone’s time and effort with:

  1. Personal Use only
    This means either on the Publisher Pro per app $50 for a small family or up to 3 people or
    A per user subscription plan/

There. Job done. Clear. No ocean of understanding between us.

Please be clearer and see it from a customers’ perspective not JUST from Appsheet’s perspective.

This has been so so so confusing and twisted me in knots. Now my testers can’t see my app.

Hi @SophieSweatman, yes I agree we can make this clearer. We’ve discussed this internally in the team thanks to your pushing on it. So we’ll make a change there soon (the action item has been added to our list). Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience caused.

We can set your account up so that this stuff doesn’t block your app testers in the short term. I know you are engaged with our support channel, so I will follow up through that route as well.