Phased workflow for HR application?

Hello Wonderful AppSheet community, special shoutout to creative folks who are super technical!

I’m seeking to work on an employer/candidate matching application where each candidate record has some sort of a dropdown determining the candidates status in the hiring phases such as interviewing, hired, etc…

I then plan to use this functionality to ‘Control Whether and When a Value Can be Edited in a Form’ to modify a field during a certain hiring phase.

Any quick tips? I previously queried the community and was provided with a suggestion to create a dashboard from multiple views. Has anyone done this displaying a certain dashboard based on who is authenticated?


Community, please help me as I’m just a beginner and I’m not looking for a design document but just some friendly tips for a proponent of bringing this nocode platform to the masses in GCP and AWS. If I can convince entrepreneurs and startups that AppSheet can replace devops cycles, this would be a huge win for the AppSheet and IT communities.


This sounds pretty straight-forward: an Enum column with the possible values pre-defined.

This could be accomplished in a variety of ways depending on how you want the form and/or columns presented. If you want to display the same form at every phase, but only make select columns editable, using Editable_If expressions for each column would be a reasonable choice. If the columns to be edited at each phase are distinct and readily grouped together, you could use a multi-page form. If not readily-grouped together, you could use slices.

See also:


Thanks again Steve… I found the sample ‘Work Orders 2’ and are looking to customize! Thanks bub!