Photo Capture randomly resets capture form

I’m frustrated by something that has started to happen lately. I’m using an iPhone and my app has started acting strange. Sometimes when I capture a new image, the form will reset. As you might imagine this is infuriating. Is this a bug of the app or is there something that I’m missing?

The app didn’t used to do this. Any ideas?

Hi @Ryan_Malham,
Could you please let me know which iOS your phone is running and what’s the AppSheet app version?
Also, would you mind if I take a look in your app?

I have been using iOS 12. As far as I know the AppSheet app is updated to whatever the most current version is. How do I share the access to my app?

You don’t need to share the app. We just need to know your account ID number and app name, that’s enough.

Account: 146602
App: Building Images


Thanks @Ryan_Malham,
It seems to be related to running out of memories while adding several photos to one form.
Does it usually happens after the form has already few photos in it?

Anyway, this shouldn’t happen, will investigate further and let you know.

I only have 4 images per capture form. For many months we’ve been successfully capturing without having this issue. It started when I used the app a few weeks ago. It wasn’t always on the same image, but normally whenever it did reset it was on first or second image.

Folks, this relevant to a problem I have. How was this problem resolved?

Hi @Fof_Webmaster,
Are you also using iOS 12?

Yes, using IOS 12. Is there any resolution of this problem that you can share?

I have had similar issues with a form with 5 photos. The App resets when photos are taken. This happens at random, so it is hard to diagnose. 4 users all experiencing the issue - using both Apple and Android devices. Has this been resolved?

Please contact for help with this.