Photo / Images - Orientation Rotation Error

Hi, I’m having problems whereby some photos get rotated 90 degrees automatically when uploaded into the app. Is there anyway of controlling this please? Thanks

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May I ask what device and OS version are you using.

Using the app in chrome/IE browser to upload images imported from a point and shoot camera. Thanks

I also have this issue. It has been an issue for about a year now. When the photo is taken from the app, it works fine but if you take the photo outside of the app then load it into the app, it comes in rotated 90 degrees. We are using Android tablets and phones.

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I’ve reported this issue as well over a year ago.

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@Aleksi, I can give you access to apps that do this, if you want. Let me know if you are not able to reproduce this.

@EIG, @Fabian - Good to understand that this seems to be widespread issue then. I’ve contacted AppSheet direct on this too and they have been able to reproduce this and are looking for a solution. Hoping a fix can be developed for this ASAP as it is a big hassle for apps which rely on photo upload.

Figured out a workaround whereby if you save the original .jpg as a .png, this seems to not auto-rotate the images. However, this introduces an extra step outside the app, and using a batch convertor if there’s a lot of images.

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IrfanView has a good Batch Converter.

That is good to know that that there is a batch converter but it seems like it would be nice to just have it work automatically. @Aleksi, could you incorporate this batch converter automatically on the back end of appsheet? If someone uploads a jpg from outside of the app, then it will convert it to a png before loading it into the app?

@Gil Any thoughts about this?

Hi all,
We are currently rolling out a fix the problem in Android devices.
The fix will come in two parts: the first step would be to get the 13.4 update from the play store (which should be available sometime during the next week). Once you get the update, images would still seem in the wrong orientation in the preview (right after you select the image), but would be rotated to the right orientation once you save and sync the app.
We are slowly rolling out the second part of the fix, which would take care of the preview issue.
If you let me know your account number, I can add you to the rollout of the second part (you’ll still have to wait for the update from the store though).

I think @Adam is investigating the issue in browsers.


Did anything ever come out for this? I put images in my app, use the phone to take the picture, but sometimes I would like to rotate. Can’t you just add a rotate 90 degree button?

Hi @School_Bus,
The wrong orientation issue was solved, but we haven’t added a rotate button yet.

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Reported this issue a few weeks ago as well. Gave them android type phone type, everything.

When was it resolved?

I think about 4 or 5 months ago. Are you still seeing orientation issues?

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Yes this was submitted about 3 weeks ago. Haven’t seen it since but i had it for a bit yes

@Jonathan_S Could you please point me to the app that show this behavior?
Also, which device are you using to upload the images?

Honestly, I dont remember. It will be on the chat history with @Aleksi. App name, app version, android version etc. It was only when taking images from gallary so that has been disabled on all apps forcing the user to take fresh picture in the portrait mode. I turned off auto roate on all devises and some other things on camera to make sure the picture are always portrait.