Photo title not title by first column anymore

Dear appsheet,

I noticed that photos is again rename according to key column? In my apps, I had moved the column that I want to name my photos with to the first column and now it is changed back :thinking:. I have since then found that there are advantages to using the first column as the tittle for the photos instead of using the key! Since I can reorder columns easily in tables and detail views, using the first column to name photos I think is actually better. I hope it gets changed back to first column.

-j- erry

In a gallery view, the text displayed should be the row’s (textual) label column value.

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Hi Steve Coile,

Thank you for the reply! I was referring to the file name on the cloud. After you take photo with the app, the photo column will be a link to the file. The file naming is now back to using the key column. There was a post on this not too long ago but I cannot find it.Otherwise , I would have replied on that post. Praveen commented on that thread about the considerations behind.

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Ah. I’m afraid I have no insight to share, then. I wonder if @LeventK might?

Could be this post, but not sure enough really:

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