PhotoBooth-131218 I am having an odd situatio...

(Stephen Mattison) #1

PhotoBooth-131218 I am having an odd situation, in my Guests_Detail View.

I set up Header Columns as [GuestName], [HomeTown], [Birthdate] and that is exactly what it shows in the Editor while I am setting up the Guests_Details View, but when I then go back in and look at a Guest’s Details it does not show Header columns as I have chosen.

When I go back and make a change in the Guests_Detail View set up, Headers appear correctly as chosen, but only while I am setting up the Detail View, when I go back to look at Guest Details, it keeps reverting back to wrong data.

At first It was showing [Favorite part?] where it should have been showing [Birthdate].

I regenerated everything, and it made no difference, so I closed and reopened GSheet & App and now it does not show anything where it should be showing [Birthdate].

It actually seems to be having the same issue not displaying proper data in all of the fields in this Guests_Detail View.


(Aaron Moolb) #2

Do you have a slice? You may need to add those columns to the slice.