Photos from the app to sheets column


I am wanting to take photos from my app and have them appear in my sheet columns, instead of having them autopopulate with an URL.
Can you help me understand how this is done?


You will need an additional physical column in your gSheet with an IMAGE sheetformula constructing and encoding the image path of the AppSheet’s [IMAGE] column value.


hi @LeventK

thanks for the link. i have run into another problem.
i have made the the path way to the images and the URL takes me to a page saying

404 - File or directory not found.

The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.""

I have used the sample app and entered a photo on the sample app, and the file loaded with the same problem. the only difference i can see is that my file is a .jpg and the file on the sample app is a .png

do you have a solution for this?

Do apologize but I couldn’t be able to understand your problem. Can you clarify?

Sorry @LeventK, What i mean to say is. I have downloaded the sample app in the link you have given to me.
I then have taken a test image to see it populate in the google sheet. What I am left with is a different file in the “image cell”.
See below.
I cannot see another problem for my URL to be faulty, other then my image cell being different to the above sample cells.
Do you have any advise as to why my image wont appear in the sheet?

What’s the sheet formula in that empty cell on the last row of [Displayed Image] column?


Why there is a space between “Mouse” and the first dot in your file name in the [Image] column? It shouldn’t be making a difference though. The image naming syntax in appsheet is: